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              - BALOOM!

BALOOM is a combination of the word "balloon (premium air chambers)" and "bloom (blossoming every day)".

BALOOM is a pioneering company dedicated to manufacturing exceptional at-home wellness devices utilizing innovative air compression technology. Our devices with premium air balloons delicately harness the power of gentle pressures, bestowing upon you a daily blossoming of vitality and well-being.


Premium recovery where revitalization meets convenience

The BALOOM Stretching Massager lets you enjoy your yoga session or massage session on your own time and in your own space so you don’t have to take precious time away from your busy schedule.

Experience the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of laying down at the end of a long day while avoiding stiffness caused from aging and basic day-to-day activities with seven pre-set programs that provide a full body stretch to increase flexibility while improving your mobility.

100% handmade soap bar


Relax and enjoy your session with BALOOM on your time and in your space. 

After a relaxing massage, continue the end of your long day with BALOOM’S MICROCURRENT FACE MASSAGER to boost circulation, stimulation and healing followed by the SCALP MASSAGER to revive your hair follicles.

Now unwind, de-stress and experience the bliss of a better you!

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