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WELLSOMNIA TOPPER - Pre-order Only (ETA by Dec)

WELLSOMNIA TOPPER - Pre-order Only (ETA by Dec)

Restless nights are all too common in today's fast-paced world, with sleep disorders affecting countless individuals due to stress, hormones, anxiety, and more. While a myriad of supplements and sleep-related products flood the market, the risks of side effects and hefty expenses often deter people from finding the perfect solution. Enter the Wellsomnia Topper by Baloom – the ultimate all-in-one sleep solution at an affordable price.

Experience unparalleled comfort with customizable neck and leg supports that eliminate the need for additional pillows or cushions. The built-in air chambers adapt flawlessly to your body shape, ensuring a personalized and blissful sleep experience. Feel the gentle warmth from the heating function envelop you, guaranteeing a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Welcome your dream-filled nights with open arms, thanks to the Wellsomnia Topper – your ticket to rejuvenating rest without compromise.


  • 4 Preset Programs & Customizable 
  • Customizable neck & leg supports 
  • Full body stretching modes
  • 7 air chambers 
  • Warmth enhancing sleep quality

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